A sudden traumatic event can shatter our lives: we may feel deeply confused and terrified by what we have experienced. In turn this can affect the way we feel about ourselves and other people. This profound effect on our lives can be alleviated by giving ourselves time to register and understand why and how we are in this disturbing state of being.

Talking through what has happened can help us to feel less out of control and distressed. Everyone’s experience of trauma is personal and particular. We may need to give voice to the specific way the trauma has affected us. Nonetheless there are feelings and thoughts that people in general experience after a traumatic event. For example: numbness, constantly returning to the traumatic event and experiencing it again and again; we may avoid anything related to the event. We may also feel exceptionally agitated or anxious; have outbursts of anger, be fearful of mixing with other people or of crowds of people. This disquiet can make us unable to sleep, feel dizzy, sick or in physical pain.

Through a process of counselling we can gradually regain our sense of control and a sense of completeness about our lives. 


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