Mediation may be a way forward if a situation at work disturbs your sense of wellbeing; making you feel angry, fearful or undermined, unable to concentrate or preoccupied with what you are experiencing as you try to make sense of these powerful feelings. You may experience a sense of “stuckness” as if there is no way forward. This impasse can make you tired and isolated. Mediation allows us the opportunity to explore what we are feeling and gain the confidence to approach the person or people we fear or are angered by.

If both people are willing to engage in this process then each person will have the opportunity to clarify how they feel and what they want to express to the other person before they meet for a mediation session.

The mediation session lasts for three hours. Prior to this session there is a separate meeting with each person involved: this can last for up to one and a half hours for each person. 

As a mediator I believe that given a safe, confidential space; honest and thoughtful communication can begin. A new respect can be established, barriers broken and connections established and old hurts faced and put aside.


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