“Counselling has helped me to come to terms with my disturbing bereavement. It helped me to see that life does go on… and to realise that my feelings were normal and could be worked through.”

50 year old female manager


“Counselling has given me more control of my life. It has been a great help to talk to Sofia and have her listen to me. She is a very warm, understanding person.”

35 year old female senior administrator, registry office


“Sofia was very natural…she used her knowledge of life to great effect. She was genuine and non- judgmental”

55 year old male librarian


“Counselling has helped me identify my strengths and abilities and improve my confidence and self-worth.”

61 year old female housing officer


“I have found Sofia very easy to talk to and the sessions really useful in assisting my return to full-time employment.”

38 year old male civil enforcement officer

“You helped me to slow down and put things in perspective.”

65 year old male head teacher


“I have become more professional in my work: I learnt to be more assertive, challenging but having a sensitive constructive approach and have a positive outlook.”

38 year old female senior social worker


“Counselling helped me to confront issues of fear and anxiety…I feel a lot happier.”

23 year old male youth worker


“Counselling has been life changing…It has contributed to the beginnings of accepting myself.”

22 year old female shop assistant


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